Karczma Polish Restaurant


For 13 years Karczma has served our Greenpoint community not only as a place, where you can eat delicious food, but also as a place where you come for a family atmosphere. Majority of our guests were excited to experience authentic polish cuisine in a rustic farmhouse. Some people were visiting us just to sit by the bar, listen to polish music and enjoy a cold beer after a tough day at work. Some of them wanted to see waitresses in traditional dresses and try the most popular polish dish – pierogi. Everybody had their own reason but it all came to one conclusion – Karczma has always been a place where we feel like one big family. Unfortunately COVID-19 has changed everything. We miss seeing your faces and serving you. Because of the current situation we are only providing pick up, deliveries and outdoor dining. We try really hard to still give you a piece of Karczma that you have always remembered. We are hoping that soon we will be able to welcome you and serve you as we used to.

Urszula & Sławek Letowski

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